Dear Internets,


Its 2am, the Late show with Stephen Colbert is over and I’ve been kicked awake from the inside so what better time to blog while “who’s the boss?” plays in the background.  These hours spent begrudgingly awake are often reserved for my nesting so it only makes sense that a baby wishlist appears here. Besides, shopping for a mum-to-be can be a daunting task. When I was younger, I was blissfully unaware, purchasing cute unnecessary plush toys, Johnson and Johnson products and season:size inappropriate cutesy clothing. Now I know what is actually useful, it’s strangely tougher. So much of parenting is about personal preference. Here’s whats on my (work requested) shopping list from which I am ironically banned from shopping.


Tasman Eco Amore Bassinet in white  $199: CHOICE approved, safety tested, breathable fabric, complete with lockable castors, this bassinet sounds pretty good to me. the fact it suits the decor of my home is a perfect bonus. For bub #1, my neighbor lent me her bassinet since I was dubious about needing one. Thank god because after an emergency C section it was a god sent, particularly with the paranoia and concern that initially follows every normal night time baby squeak and gurgle.

Waterproof bassinet mattress protector $14 : I’m not too fussed about brand on this one, as long as it’s fitted and waterproof for all those little spills. An essential !

Fitted bassinet sheets $15x 2: Once again, brand and plain vs printed doesn’t particularly matter as long as its a healthy cotton or bambo/cotton blend. You’ll need a few of these, particularly when life feels like an endless cycle of washing and you need a day off.


Comfort and Harmony Mombo Pillow $45: Consumer reviews are great and babies can surprisingly weight a lot. Give your lap the exercise and your arms a rest with a good curved pillow. They are often multi purpose too, helping you get comfortable in the later stages of pregnancy,  giving your back some support during feeding time and propping up bub when they are over tummy time but still alert.

Kinderglo fun safe portable nightlight $? : I love the new quarter moon shape with easy grip, soft lighting and recharge station. We had a different version of a portable night light the first time around but it just couldn’t handle the enthusiastic play of a toddler. It proved so hand for middle of the night check ins and feedings, I just know we’d use it til it’s end once again.

Cherub 4 in 1 thermometer $49 : Have you ever tried to measure the temperature of a squirming sick baby? Lets just say there’s a reason the pediatric ward in hospitals use infrared thermometers now. I really wish someone had told me about these amazing things earlier!

baby extras

If you need more generic + unisex gifts, Lanisoh for breast feeding mums (doubles as baby lip balm) , muslins (large ones which I collected many of), face washers, nappies (huggies!) and wipes (coles thick fragrance free) will seldom go unused in those early days.


Dear Internets,


I have been running round trying to sort out birthday festivities and in my absence, it seems I have forgotten to post. My amnesia is over so expect a return to our regular ebb and flow. It is still the season of parties for us at the moment, and they are becoming harder to dress for. Never mind the fact that too many of my friends know each other and I can’t recycle outfits , I have the added obstacle. He’s 82m tall and likes pulling my top down and insisting I pick him up off the floor on a regular basis. Forget about the “heels or no heels?” decision. I’m on the hunt for outfits that wont result in accidental flashing and will allow me to bed without bursting a seam. Add the challenge of a scant budget and you have party outfit disaster.


We’ve been asked before if it’s possible to look good on a small budget: The kind a uni student can actually afford, not the kind they pretend to be able to afford while their parents secretly fund it all. The answer if simply yes if you have a decent baseline of accessories and staples, an eye for things in your relatives wardrobes worn differently, thrifting and outside the box thinking.


I felt like a million dollars in this outfit and to the great relief of hubs, it didn’t involve one single trip to the shops. I deserve some sort of remuneration for such a success….a shopping spree perhaps?


Pixel wears:
Hat | Lack of Color – The Mirage
Blouse| Thrifted
Skirt | Stolen from 90’s mum
Shoes | Bared Puffin Lilac
Lippy | MAC Diva