Dear Internets,


There are some misconceptions that are made as you get older. My love for cartoons dissipating is one.I’m a proud cartoon lover even though I may not always own up to it. While I’m waiting on my car to be serviced and an employee comes in profusely apologizing that the remote has gone missing, having notice the Disney channel getting a work out, I probably won’t volunteer the fact that I actually flipped it to this channel using effort and buttons on the back of the screen that the current generation don’t even realize exists.


Having a two year old sort of fuels the fire despite having had just about enough of Thomas and his friends. If you need to know anything about steam trains though, I am probably your girl. Minnie mouse, however, is a little old school for him but the new Vans X Disney collaboration will definitely get that conversation going.



The shoes start at the most adorable tiny toddler sizes ,working their way up. They feature Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, Pluto and Winnie the Pooh – famous enough to just go by their first name, like Madonna or Cher. The high tops are especially rad and a great unisex option.



For the more Disney princess-hearted, there’s Ariel sweatshirts, and princess socks, hats, backpacks tees and high tops though I’ve yet to find the elusive last item. The whimsical perfection is seen in he attention to detail of a hidden mickey in each print. If you ever see me staring down at my Minnie mouse Vans, I’m probably looking for him. Comfortable and true to fit, my slip-ons have been providing a pop of fun as I try and avoid muddy puddles. Combined with my W7 liptember lips from chemist warehouse, kissing away the bad day blues is super easy.



Hit up Platypus shoes, Glue StoreGeneral Pants and many more to wear your heart on your soles, so to speak. AND, if you see those Disney princess shoes, you’ll let me know won’t you?


Who’s your favorite Disney character?



Dear Internets,


Dressing for a lovely Autumn day has been near impossible this year. It’s like errand running during a New York winter; my layers keep coming off and being piled back on which is annoying but manageable but there is just one thing I hate….wet socks. This hatred has lead me to a “questionable day” resolution.


Jelly beans sandals are comfy, cute, colorful and WATERPROOF. I have about 6 pairs now so outfit matching is not a major problem. With the addition of their clear piped raincoats, it’s not just my toes that stay dry. Their clear raincoats come with white, black or baby blue piping & I’ve got mine in the car, just in case I need it.




Dear Internets,


At some point during that “getting to know someone new” conversation, I end up repeatedly professing my love for veggies like a drunk person. Sure it makes me sound a little crazy but each time and with very little baiting, you can hear me say “I don’t trust fruit, but I love veggies cos you know what they taste like just by looking at them“. Since it’s always fun making new friends, perhaps I should get into Gorman’s latest collection and just let my outfits do all the talking.


Strut around in the winter harvest dress and someone is sure to say “man that girl likes her greens!”. The team corn jumper may confuse since I think corn is essentially delicious candy posing as a vegetable. The winter harvest puffer screams “those beets are surly keeping her warm” while the little chilli mini says “she likes it hot“……ok maybe it just explains my need to keep a Costco sized tobasco sauce in my kitchen.


Add a little quilting, fringe, gold and some kick ass print and you have yourself a playful collection waiting to be gobbled up. Gorman has been hitting major home runs lately and everyone has been sitting up and taking notice so don’t wait for those sales. Get you night vision dose of carrot without turning orange and make everyone else green with envy. Lastly, make more new friends.




Dear Internets,

At the beginning of the year, in anticipation of fashion weeks to come, I was fortunate enough to attend the Sportsgirl National Graduate prelude showcase.  It was like a teaser of hero pieces from the collections of 12 fashion graduates in a celebration of emerging Australian design talent. Teaser it seems was really the operative word here. I walked away wanting to adopt pieces into my wardrobe like orphan children, let along seeing the rest of what these young talents had to offer.

One such designer is Karen Yang, The brains behind BelleVilla. After seeing all the beautiful prints, interesting juxtaposition of classic ideas with new twists and lusting after some of her amazing pieces, we couldn’t help but pull her aside and pick her brain. Fortunately she graciously agreed instead of calling the police.


What called you to fashion design?
I have always loved fashion, colour and prints. Whether it was playing dress up, learning how to sew, flipping through pages of Vogue, I knew I wanted to be in this creative industry. I was not until I went through 4 years of gruelling fashion school, (and actually made it out alive and still loving it), that I knew I wanted to be a designer.

Who is the BelleVille girl?
My BelleVille girl is someone who is a little eccentric and a little quirky in her own distinct way [Doesn’t that have us written all over it?]. There is no definition for her eccentricity because that is apart of her and no one else can define that but her. She puts her Q in quirky. My pieces are definitely out there when worn at the same time, however it can just be as easily mixed into your everyday wardrobe giving it a pop of colour and fun.


Your debut collection is very vibrant with great prints and silhouette, what was your design process
It definitely is vibrant hey! I was thinking about a beautiful place (hence Belle- Ville) that had the elements of joy, fun and colourfulness, and imaginatively what that might look like. It was really a imaginative conversation I had with myself about culture, place and tradition. I drew my inspiration from a place in Africa called Congo, where the juxtapostioning of landscape, culture and history are interpreted and amplified by the rebellious and joyous eccentricity of ‘le Sapeurs’ who define cultural freedom and sartorial elegance.

Where did you find those amazing prints?
Ha. That was one of the questions most asked whilst I was showing in New Zealand Fashion Week. All the textiles were designed, drawn and computerized by myself with reference points from a photographer, Benjamin Dawson. He actually lived and worked in Congo with an organisation called Traumaid who provided me with information for my research and alot of photographs. I’d really love to go there one day!


Will we be lucky enough to get your pieces ready to wear any time soon? 
Fingers crossed. I am making made to order pieces at the moment whilst I get my small business set up.
What’s next for Karen Yang & Belleville?
Oh! Hopefully stocked in retail and online stores ASAP, that is the dream in my little head. BUT! I am currently in the final stage of a competition with Glue Stores where they will be selecting one winner to be stocked across 35 Glue stores nationally- pretty cool hey? Im keeping my fingers crossed!


Thank you Karen for taking the time out to have a chat with us. We see great things for you in the furture and will definately be keeping up to date on your facebook page.  In the mean time, we have a special outfit post coming up soon with our take on styling some of Karen’s stunning pieces. Special thanks to Sportsgirl & Tailor Made for the Introductions.


Dear Internets,


Mink Pink, Quirky Circus and Evil Twin have to be some of my favorite brands. New, edgy and always containing something I want to add to my wardrobe, when I found that Some Day Lovin” was cut from the same cloth, I couldn”t help but celebrate. An interesting mix of awesome prints & current cuts tied together by great color palettes, their motto tells you all you need to know about this youthful brand.

Somedays Lovin

From the tag line you can probably guess it”s not the kind of clothing your grandma would send you for Christmas & thank goodness. Celebrating an era of change and dressing however you feel without being stifles Somedays Lovin is  “a tiny piece of everything you love about being Australian“. The locals will know it as honest, fun, a little naughty and cool as a cucumber but for those of you from overseas, think of it as a holiday you can have on a daily basis without having to sit next to that guy who falls asleep on your shoulder and drools the whole flight.


Never one to limit myself to just one collection, my old friend damaged denim jacket is from the upcoming Saturdays collection due to hit stores in March. The fitted 3/4 sleeves combined with the loose body trashed to perfection injects the current boyfriend trend into your wardrobe without making you look frumpy. The Delilah floral harem pants belong to the more recent Electric Boheme collection and can me worn low slung with a full leg length but for this look I chose to hike those babies up. The collection also contains dresses, tops and bottoms with this same gorgeous hydrangea print in a crepe look soft fabric which is unbelievably comfortable.


All the collections have really different aesthetics with the common cool vibe that allows you to mix and match effortlessly, shopping look after look without the worry of “what am I going to wear this with?“. Worn with my MIA pulp kitchen tee, Novo two tones heels and mirror earrings from Japan, Somedays Lovin slid easily into my existing wardrobe, amping it up a little. The best way to shop the Somedays Lovin collections is at Market HQ and THE ICONIC but if you”re looking for a particular piece you just can”t find there, you can also give a shot.



A big thank you to The Rumour Mill for the introductions, Somedays Lovin and I are very happy together & I”m sure we”re remain tight for a long time to come.