Dear Internets,


There are some misconceptions that are made as you get older. My love for cartoons dissipating is one.I’m a proud cartoon lover even though I may not always own up to it. While I’m waiting on my car to be serviced and an employee comes in profusely apologizing that the remote has gone missing, having notice the Disney channel getting a work out, I probably won’t volunteer the fact that I actually flipped it to this channel using effort and buttons on the back of the screen that the current generation don’t even realize exists.


Having a two year old sort of fuels the fire despite having had just about enough of Thomas and his friends. If you need to know anything about steam trains though, I am probably your girl. Minnie mouse, however, is a little old school for him but the new Vans X Disney collaboration will definitely get that conversation going.



The shoes start at the most adorable tiny toddler sizes ,working their way up. They feature Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, Pluto and Winnie the Pooh – famous enough to just go by their first name, like Madonna or Cher. The high tops are especially rad and a great unisex option.



For the more Disney princess-hearted, there’s Ariel sweatshirts, and princess socks, hats, backpacks tees and high tops though I’ve yet to find the elusive last item. The whimsical perfection is seen in he attention to detail of a hidden mickey in each print. If you ever see me staring down at my Minnie mouse Vans, I’m probably looking for him. Comfortable and true to fit, my slip-ons have been providing a pop of fun as I try and avoid muddy puddles. Combined with my W7 liptember lips from chemist warehouse, kissing away the bad day blues is super easy.



Hit up Platypus shoes, Glue StoreGeneral Pants and many more to wear your heart on your soles, so to speak. AND, if you see those Disney princess shoes, you’ll let me know won’t you?


Who’s your favorite Disney character?



Dear Internets,


Growing up I had a friend who was a skateboarder. She was so cool and revolutionary in my eyes because boys skateboard and girls roller-blade. Sure it was a bit of a thought limiting disaster but forgive me, I was young and probably thinking of the guys from Clueless at the time. It didn’t help that her way of teaching me how to ride was to get me on her board and push me down a small hill. For you aussies out there, I had about the same level of confidence riding the bush-beast at wonderland for the first time (a huge roller coaster in the 90’s that looked like it was made entirely out of abandoned fence posts).


These days boards are better and there is no better than Penny skateboards. Their gorgeous high grip flexible set up is a visual and practical design triumph with bright chip resistant wheels and vibrant powder coated trucks. While I’ve got a 22′ dusk from the Penny painted fades collection here, beginners can opt for a larger 27′ inch board to ease into things.



If it were me, I’d want Carlton from the Penny Fresh Prints range because when I asked my husband “when did the 90’s come back?” he answered “they never left” and he was so right. Reigniting the nostalgic magic of the ‘90s in all its glory, Penny’s Fresh Prints range is a radical mix of bright colours and geometric prints for carefree fun. What’s more, they look like they were created by the same design team that made clothes for the Saved by the bell kids and who the heck doesn’t want that is skateboard form? Available in Buffy , Slater or Spike, there are options for a few different aesthetics but they’re running out of stock fast.


For those of you who aren’t still constantly stacking it like me, there is a 3D penny customize where you can build your own board from the grip tape up. The bad news is, now I want the one I created on the website as well! For now I may have to settle for riding off into the dusk channeling Buffy and slaying some concrete.



Pixelhazard wears:
Jacket | Some days lovin
Top | cotton on
Shorts | Cooper St
Sneaks | Creative Recreation


Dear Internets,


Thrift shopping can sometimes leave you with nothing but the faint smell of old people, but the keen persistent eye occasionally spots gold. Not only a great ethical way to shop for clothing, it prevents your wardrobe from being what IKEA is to homes. I spotted this Planet Hollywood Jacket from Beverly hills that scream all good things about the 90’s. Fortunately it was snapped up almost immediately by Sarahteaa. Thank goodness because if she didn’t, I’d have to, and I’m already 4 denim jackets in at this point.


Paired with the Evil Twin Bad Element slouch pants (here), some Winsor Smith Puffy heels (here) and a basic black top, it’s the answer to an Autumn day out with friends. We got our brunch on, and it was good!


Dear Internets,


When hunting for the perfect jacket, we peruse the boyfriend fit but seem to neglect the men’s department. It makes no sense. After scouring the town for the perfect over-sized jacket, our shopping party of 3 was merging into the “hungry, tired and can’t feel my legs” territory. For those who haven’t experienced it, it’s a very scary place to be, particularly if no one has bought anything that day.


I don’t know whether it was shopping induced exhaustion that made me wobble to the other side of the dreaded gender partition but there I was amongst endless chino’s and polos staring at an awesome over sized jacket from Dangerfield. Dare I suggest menswear to Sarahteaa? At a fraction of the price of all the jackets we had looked at, and being able to find the right size, was the rejuvenating cup of life we needed that day to trek all the way home. Teamed with some plaid and dessert boots, lumberjack chic is looking good.






Dear Internets,


In Australia we have beautiful sunny skies for a large portion of the year but when it gets cold, it’s like we have no idea what to do. Instead of transforming into sexy snow bunnies we take on the economical layering we’re all trained to embrace. It’s hard now, not to draw inspiration from the freezing days Sarahteaa & I spent in Japan earlier this year.The Japanese know how it’s done without letting F-R-U-M-P-Y into their vocabulary.


In Tokyo we went a little nuts with all the crazy bright gear they had but Kyoto is a whole new kettle of fish. Since Kyoto is known for it’s temples and shrines, it seemed impolite to walk around looking like a cartoon characters on school excursion. For this adventure featuring one of the better known tourist attractions of Kyoto, Kiyomizu temple, we opted for a downplayed version of our usual crazy.



Sarahteaa opted for a look that initially confounded us. A winter fave; stockings,coupled with a cotton on skirt, Sportsgirl chunky knit & Tokyo Disney Mickey Mouse beanie. So you might be wondering why we were so confounded initially by this look? Let me set the scene: despite the sun being out pretending to warm up the skies, during our trip, the clouds constantly threatened to snow on us (which it did eventually). Despite this, all the girls in japan were walking around in skirts the while time like jeans had yet  to be invented. Their leggings, undershirts and sock combos are so luxuriously warm without being chunky, we didn’t struggle at all taking the skirt on in the height of winter.




I decided not to forsake my jeans so quickly and wore it with a Givenchy Rottweiler tee , General Pants bum-bag (yeah I did!), Sportsgirl sneakers and random hair clips from India. Having not entirely lost my mind, I did wear a lined Army style hooded jacket the entire time. Who says you have to get hypothermia for fashion?



Dressed in flanno’s and footy socks, I’m just glad for my recent obsession with outerwear and all the random winter clothes we managed to buy without getting over our luggage weight restriction either. At least I’ll have something to wear this season without looking like the abominable snow man. I’m not packing away my skirts either! Winter, I have a new fondness for you. Kyoto, I miss you!