Dear Internets,


Growing up I had a friend who was a skateboarder. She was so cool and revolutionary in my eyes because boys skateboard and girls roller-blade. Sure it was a bit of a thought limiting disaster but forgive me, I was young and probably thinking of the guys from Clueless at the time. It didn’t help that her way of teaching me how to ride was to get me on her board and push me down a small hill. For you aussies out there, I had about the same level of confidence riding the bush-beast at wonderland for the first time (a huge roller coaster in the 90’s that looked like it was made entirely out of abandoned fence posts).


These days boards are better and there is no better than Penny skateboards. Their gorgeous high grip flexible set up is a visual and practical design triumph with bright chip resistant wheels and vibrant powder coated trucks. While I’ve got a 22′ dusk from the Penny painted fades collection here, beginners can opt for a larger 27′ inch board to ease into things.



If it were me, I’d want Carlton from the Penny Fresh Prints range because when I asked my husband “when did the 90’s come back?” he answered “they never left” and he was so right. Reigniting the nostalgic magic of the ‘90s in all its glory, Penny’s Fresh Prints range is a radical mix of bright colours and geometric prints for carefree fun. What’s more, they look like they were created by the same design team that made clothes for the Saved by the bell kids and who the heck doesn’t want that is skateboard form? Available in Buffy , Slater or Spike, there are options for a few different aesthetics but they’re running out of stock fast.


For those of you who aren’t still constantly stacking it like me, there is a 3D penny customize where you can build your own board from the grip tape up. The bad news is, now I want the one I created on the website as well! For now I may have to settle for riding off into the dusk channeling Buffy and slaying some concrete.



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Dear Internets,


It’s been an up and down kind of day. The kind that’s like a roller coaster you’ve been wanting to go on forever and just as you get to the right height you realise the sheer gravity of it all. Over stuffed with carnival food you get on and nausea sets in but you’ve just got to ride it out and hope you don’t puke. Too exhausted and exasperated to explain much further, here’s my day in a series of words.


Sister’s birthday – big breakfast – shopping -broke- bought stuff anyway – hot – headache – nausea- birthday dinner- pavlova – too much sugar – restless – midnight blogging. I think you get the picture. A thirteen phrase day commands little from your wardrobe but comfort. An old pair of short, adidas originals tee and denim jacket paired with platform boots and a backpack to chuck all my stuff in just seemed to fit the bill.


I mean if you are going to be uncomfortable, you want to be doing it wearing comfortable clothes.


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Dear Internets,


It’s rather self deprecating, choosing to do something for a hobby at which you terribly suck. You seldom hear of tone deaf DJ’s or impatient puzzle lovers raving about their hobbies…because they don’t exist. Despite this, and knowing my aversion to being in front of the camera ,I persist in utilizing fashion blogging as a creative outlet. As such, consider this post is a public apology to my fellow bloggers and anyone I have been able to con into taking photos for me, and will con in the future.


It seems particularly timely as these photos were taken by style maven and deserter Nora of Nora Finds. It is the first and probably last shot she’ll take of me since she will be leaving for an adventure soon. Today she had the task of getting around my man hands, gawkish stance,toothy grins and short attention span to get something blog worthy. Thank god that girl’s got blogger game.


Would you like detail shots?” she inquired politely while I pondered my staple flung together ‘all black errthing‘ mum outfit. Looking up and seeing her immaculately dressed and surround by our other blogger friends [Style by Kys (extreme left) and the ladida (extreme right) ] looking cute while completely absorbed in their smart devices, I decided the answer would be a simple “No”.  We don’t often quote Kenny Roger’s here but dammit, “You’ve got to know when to hold ’em, Know when to fold ’em, Know when to walk away, Know when to run


I had an awesome time brunching with you ladies and I’m glad you peer pressured me into ordering Kevin’s Balls from Brewristas. Awkward to order but makes for a great meal. Can’t wait for the next catch up and thanks again for the pics. Check out our instagram for more foodporn and behind the scene of the others ladies doing their blogger thang including Maggie who had to escape early.



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Dear Internets,


It’s becoming more and more apparent that my “sister dates” with Sarahteaa should really be renamed “fatty dates”. While fun, they’ve become quite formulaic. We go somewhere under the guise of shopping, eat too much, blame each other for eating too much and then have a tired hysterical conversation on the long car ride home.




To some, this may appear to be a complaint. It isn’t, because sister dates are AWESOME! Who else can I lunch with in smorgasbord style with no fear of feeling like a piggy? Due to our “can’ talk, EATING!” attitude, I have taken some liberty, extracting a still from Miyazaki’s film, spirited away in lieu of an action shot.


The cold rainy weather egged us on like a brooding teenage so we dressed accordingly. Sarahteaa in her beanie, scarf and ripped jeans and me in my pashmina , duster coat and newly bought sportsgirl shoes (because my black pumps were killing me!). How different our tastes in fashion , how similar our tastes in food.


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Dear Internets,


Despite living in a perpetually drought stricken country, it’s amazing how many enemies rain has managed to make. An unfortunate skill that was displayed to perfection last long weekend. The culmination of Australia day public holiday and Indian independence day sprinkled generously with big fat rain drops rather than confetti got everyone worked up.


‘How was your long weekend?”
Great except for MONDAY!
“Oh no, what happen?”
remember? it rained!

While many chose to regard that extra day off as snatched from their vice like grip, I put on some sneakers, a jacket, hat and got on with it! What better excuse to do nothing but cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie, read a book, eat wintery foods in summer or in my case, risk a drenching for a brunch out.


Don’t worry, it’s not optimism that leaves me irritatingly immune to the spirit dampening downpour. It is in fact my stubborn refusal to give up an extra day off. During the week, as someone who spends a lot of time outdoors, I have nothing but bad things to say about being forced to wear certain shoes, park in narrow expensive undercover packing lots and incidental drenching. Gladly this can all be done over hot coffee with like minded irritated people. Misery loves company.

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