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Have you ever had someone behind a makeup counter kidnap your face? It happens to me every time I try to buy new cosmetics and as a result I tend to shy away from purchasing anything besides my over priced but reliable brands. Throwing caution to the wind generally follows a bout of make up running out and emergency face fixers.


With the moisture sucking winter upon us and the amount of travel I do, I couldn’t help but say yes to trying out the budget cosmetics brand w7. With 500 products in the line ranging from foundation to eye-shadow I was hard pressed to pick one thing but since the range is typically $4.99- $9.99, I decided on a face worth.


So let’s start at the beginning.

Not to prime, is a crime: W7 prime magic is a non greasy clear primer with a dream mousse matte type finish. It’s great for people like me who hate tinted primers, easy to apply and doesn’t feel heavy on your face.


You’re making me blush: On days when I want to be presentable without being fully made up, I find a little mascara and blush is all you need to bring colour to your face. I used the blush on my cheeks and lips since I’m not a daily lippy girl. The pigment was rather strong so it didn’t take much to go a long way. While a brush is included, I always have a blush brush in my make up kit which goes a long way.



Calm your balm: My lips hate gloss so a layer of atomic apple lip balm gave me the perfect non-greasy yet dewy look I prefer while protecting my skin in the winter wind. The fact that I smelt like a mocktail all day the cute little tin it comes in was a total bonus.

Contour and colour: Cheeky and perfect for everyday, the “in the nude” eye colour palette looks gorgeous and is subtly pigmented, so you won’t look like you’re in a dance recital every time you put it on. The darkest shade which was my favorite is the only one that is quite strong so like the blush, a little goes a long way. The palette also comes with a two tipped brush for application and blending which is perfect on the go.


Frame your face: My eyebrows are a major aspect of my face and they do have a few spots that need filling. I used the W7 blackest black gel eyeliner for this as well as to line my mascara’d lids.

What really impressed me apart for the quality to price ration was that it passed the “push a heavy pram up a hill in the sun test”. The make up stayed put, felt comfortable and looked as good at the end of the day as when I had put it on.

Verdict: While I probably won’t be giving up my favorites, I will definitely be incorporating a few of these in my rotation. My travel make up kit is fully stocked with W7 so I no longer need to buy doubles of my expensive stuff only to have it become old and expire before I can use it all.  The full range is exclusively stocked at Chemist Warehouse or you can purchase it online.



Dear Internets,


It’s Sunday night and I’m missing my weekend so it’s time for an early reviewsday! Some people love their saturday nights, others their lazy sundays but I love my every second family friday. Its the Sunday brunches with fewer people, smaller cues and some how greener parks. You know those days that are made of giggles, comfy jeans and sneakers? Yup, perfection.


While misery loves company, family Fridays are doted on by cute cafes. Ordinarily I would go for something I have never tried before or  a tested fave (because I work in extremes). When I ordered french toast, long believed to be the poorer cousin of waffles, I was clearly looking for three williams cafe to change my mind.


The husband went for their bimimbab narnie (sambo made with naan bread) and the kidlet furiously made a grab for my peanutbutter caramel shake (he has very good taste). I clearly won this ordering battle though I was disappointed to hear the narnie was a little dry. Despite the minor hitch, based on the service alone, I would go back in a heart beat!


Family friendly rating 5/5 !  Happy brunch days!


Dear Internets,


It’s easy to write about things you love but a not so glowing review a mixed bag can be just as helpful so here goes. There are quite a few “too good to be true” disposable fashion stores online. Its a great place to browse when you’re feeling broke and looking to shop or in my case, looking for something fairly specific that you can’t find anywhere else. For some reason I was desperately looking for a pastel autumnal trench and the Blue long sleeve pockets trench coat from she inside promised everything but did it deliver?



  • The jacket is essentially as it is pictured.
  • Delivery was reasonably speedy
  • There are opportunities to lower the price through a points scheme
  • There are a large variety of items at a very modest price range
  • It fit the basic requirements of what I was looking for so I absolutely love this jacket


  • It doesn’t drape as beautifully as pictured
  • The material description is fairly broad: In this case “polyester” translates to a crepe looking fabric.
  • The jacket is not lined so don’t expect the trimmings of branded clothing.
  • One of the buttons on my jacket was stitched so that it puckered the fabric. It served no practical purpose and it I didn’t need it aesthetically so I  had to unpick it.
  • Their customer service has a lot to be desired.

Would I buy again? Only if I had another hankering for something specific I couldn’t get elsewhere.



Dear Internets,


As soon as I could make my own camera purchases I became a Canon Girl. Back then the compact Canon IXUS with it’s pink metallic outer and color select function completely blew my mind.While my trusty pink Canon is still going strong, I felt the need to invest in heavier artillery. Along came the Canon EOS D600 with twin lens kit, a favorite for capturing a mood and a moment, not just an image. The only problem was, it’s size meant it wasn’t something I could just chuck in my handbag. Wouldn’t it be great if I could have the compact nature of the IXUS with the feaures of the DSLR? Enter Canon Powershot S120.


Some of the Stats (full list here) :

  • Effective Pixels: Approx. 12.1M
  • Focal Length: 5.2 – 26.0 mm (35 mm equivalent: 24 – 120 mm)
  • Zoom : Optical 5xZoomPlus 10xDigital Approx. 4x (with Digital Tele-Converter Approx. 1.5x or 2.0x and Safety Zoom*¹). Combined Approx. 20x
  • a maximum ISO of 12,800 at full resolution
  • new DIGIC 6 processor
  • fast auto-focusing of 0.1 seconds
  • 3-inch touchscreen LCD display with an improved resolution of 922K dots
  • Wi-fi to send images straight to facebook or instagram
  • full range of manual shooting modes
  • Memory card: SD, SDHC, SDXC (UHS Speed Class 1 compatible)
  • Lens control ring to make adjustments




What does it mean?


  • It’s nice and compact witha huge touch screen for ease of use and viewing
  • The images are sharp with settings that allow you to just point and shoot on automatic mode, partial automation or complete manual modes for tighter control of your image.
  • Finally a camera that focuses quickly without waiting for the starts to align
  • The adjustment wheel by the lens along with the live view helps to adjust your image before you even take it
  • It’s a camera that my parent’s can use (completely on automatic mode) and I can play around with


  • I was hard pressed to find any. It was well priced for what you get at roughly $430.00 but that means it’s not the cheapest compact out.

Lately I’ve been asked if a DSLR is worth the purchase and while I would definitely say it is, for those looking for DSLR functionality to capture family or day to day moments, I would suggest this slim number. Easy to handle, easy to take everywhere with you and a nice point and shoot back up mode for those quick or lazier moments.Find your nearest stockist here or you could give their Photo 5 live challenge a shot and try to win yourself a new Canon. This week is the last chance to enter #photo5LIVE with brief 4 & 5 . I gave the reflection brief a shot and not only was it a lot of fun, but I found interesting images in very unexpected places. Good Luck!


Thanks Canon for my Vivid Sydney camera lesson and Powershot. If you are in the Rocks checking out Vivid, don’t forget to drop by Canon HQ on Gloucester walk. You can have a look at some of the amazing competition entries.


Dear Internets,


It’s Reviewsday again and we have moisturizers for you today. Half used tubes of moisturizer only started looking this good when Grown Alchemist got on the scene. Since then they have probably been plaguing your instagram feed beckoning you with their come hither packaging. With crisp monochromatic text and translucent amber glass in charcoal boxes, impulse purchases have been based on far less. Here at Bright Green Laces, we love our style but we’re about substance too so here’s a review to get behind two of Grown Alchemist’s moisturizer.

Age-Repair Moisturiser 40ml WHITE TEA & PHYTO-PEPTIDE $69.95
This cream is toted as “A powerful anti-aging moisturizer formulated to restore youthful cellular structure, helping repair damaged facial skin, leaving it beautifully healthy, energized, smooth and deeply moisturizd“.

Regenerating Night Cream60ml NEURO-PEPTIDE & VIOLET LEAF EXTRACT $84.95
Good for all skin types, this buttery yellow “rich facial cream formulated with a potent synergistic blend of peptides, antioxidants, vitamins, hyaluronic acid, essential omega fatty acids that restore skin elasticity, noticeably reducing the appearance of fine lines, softening and smoothing the skin while boosting hydration, transforming skin texture to appear more youthful looking

Sounds very promising and scientific but what does that all mean? I was looking for something to rejuvenate my sleep deprived, recently break out prone skin that also suits my fussy tastes. Let’s face it, I’m not getting any younger either but let’s translate the Pros & Cons.



  • Many botanical products have too strong a fragrance akin to the Ayurvedic medication my grandma would force on me. With Grown Alchemist, you get a lovely garden fragrance without being overpowered.
  • Their creams are not greasy or too thin, even Goldilocks would love it. It glides on the skin hydrating it without feeling heavy or affecting your make up application.
  • They packaging allows for almost all the cream to be used unlike pumps and plastic lotion bottles that leave you sticking cotton buds in a vain attempt to use all your cream
  • My skin feels soft and I haven’t had a break out since
  • They look lovely on your night stand and feel indulgent.
  • Delivery charges are very reasonable and there are quite a few stockists


  • The price tag is quite high and not for everyone. The products are complimentary so a thorough skin care regime might set you back a pretty penny

I must admit, I’m not certain of it’s anti-ageing properties but my skin feels more hydrated and soft again. Hopefully they’ll work as a prophylactic on twinkle wrinkles. Either way, I’d definitely buy from Grown Alchemist again!