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My mums superstitions have often been a source of frustration. Where on earth did she get the idea that you cant buy important things on Tuesdays? Others however like her hair care do’s and don’t have proved to ring true. Post baby and bleached hair, this has never been more evident. Today I thought I’d share some of her tips and test out some hair tutorials.


Bear in mind, my hair is still in recovery mode. It was a combination of pregnancy, bleach and using the wrong shampoo and conditioner that left me feeling I should just chop the whole lot off. I was using quite an expensive brand previously and it just dried my hair right out. Opting for another higher end brand, I found the shampoo was just too strong for my fragile hair and the build up was not helping matters. Finally out of desperation, I uses my husband’s Sunsilk detox for men and the results were instant. From there it just made sense to go and get the right Sunsilk for me. This is essentially based oh how you treat and wear your hair on a regular basis. Don’t worry, I’ve got the whole range displayed here for you.


Do 1: Sleek bun.
The key to this is the perfect straight shampoo, a little argan oil and some hair spray. It’s a new favorite easy quick hairstyle for me.


sunsilk 1


Do 2:  Big and messy!
Some days I just can’t be bothered getting the straightening iron out. I just want easy volume and wind tousled hair without too much frizz. For this give the frizz defense  a shot or if you have colored hair like me, the colour defense will work well to stop your hair from looking rusty quite so fast. Sleep in a plait and chuck some home made salt spray in and you are ready to hit the beach in your boho dress.



Do 3: Knot up do.

This baby literally took 5 minutes to do and  is perfect for days when your hair is being unruly. All you need are a few bobby pins to secure it all in place and off you go. Try active brilliant shine to make those  little knot details show or longer and stronger so you hair is actually knot-able and in a good way. All you need now is the tutorial.

I’m sure by now you’ve seen enough of my face so here are Pixel Mumma’s aforementioned simple hair tips:

1. Never wash your hair at night if you can avoid it, particularly if you have longer hair. You are more likely to get headaches, the cold or dandruff
2. Never tie wet hair. It’s a dandruff guarantee and no one wants an itchy scalp
3. Put hair oil or tonic on your hair one hour prior to washing whenever you can manage it. You are guaranteed healthier, shinier hair in the long run.

Got all that and want more tutorials? Thanks to Sunsilk, here you go:


Dear Internets,



Most people have specific shoes for walking, for casually hanging out with friends and possibly for that moment you really need to instagram something pretty because your life hasn’t been validated with an abundance of red hearts in the last few days. We don’t judge that need for specific categorization because lets face it, consciously or subconsciously, we all do it. Ordinarily there are rational reasons for making these decisions, but not in my case. While I love my teetering high heels, platforms, sneakers and jellies, trainers are a broad spectrum shoe and one that requires deep consideration.

Trainers to me are the quick, comfy and cool option for everything. A trip to the shops, a hike down Europe’s large gorge, even the occasional date night when paired with the right clothes (yes I did hike 16 km down a gorge in converse and my Mr is my height so he gets the height advantage on occasional date nights). Given how essential this footwear is begs the question : What do I choose?

Here are our 5 contenders:billie shoes

Billie shoes: Classic looks and comfortable, Billie has everything you want including a $39.95 price tag. Lesser known than some of its peers, she’s definitely worth a look in and a life time of devotion.



Vans: Vans used to be the slip on I love to hate for no known reason and now I just love to love them. Popular and available in different colors and crazy mixed prints, their specials editions won my heart and for good reason.



Keds: The Canvas mary janes of my shoe collection. Another fun print loving shoe, they probably don’t stalk you like they did in OC days but don’t forget they are there in all their glory.



Converse: Or old faithful as it should be called. Now available in double stack, the classic colors and shape have something about them I love. The testament to which is the vast number of pair that crowd my shoe cupboard. Supremly comfortable, their special editions are usually to die for and always get comments and compliments. A no brainer



Superga: Apparently the people’s shoe of Italy and those curves don’t lie. The great trainer for those of you sick of what your friends are wearing. Love the look and the height of this trainer and with a print that extends all the way down to its soles, I will always be sad I didn’t snap up a House of Holland pair. Endorsed by Alexa Chung, what more positive proof do you need?

Now it’s just about what I want to join my vast collection. Round ups somehow just make things harder.




Dear Internets,

I’m fairly certain more than 2/3 of our Bright Green Laces trio are broke but we live in oblivious hope that one day Sara Teaa will arrive in a suit of armor on a gallant white stallion hitched to a trailer containing everything on our list of wants. Until this happens, Lee & I shall torture you with the things on our “pay check to pay check” shopping list because if we’re going to be broke, we want to be in good company (that’s you guys). So look away if you don’t need more things to add to your list, otherwise, here’s Lee’s list:

lee col

T to B, L to R: Conflict of Interest Brawlmain t shirt $65.00 | Dinosaur Designs Shifting Plains ring $85.00 | Balenciaga cutout boots $1,295.00 |Ek Thongprasert necklace $795.00 | Illamasqua nail varnish in Geist $21.00 | Saint Laurent Sac du Jour $3,495.00 | Karl Lagerfeld Doura wool-blend & silk crepe de chine dress $320.00 | Dinosaur Designs large Bones bangle $85.00 |

Classic and mostly black Lee’s shopping list has me taking out personal loans & somehow being OK with it if I get all these pretty things in return. I took the more suburbia route of “ I’m sure I can tick these items off my list within the year “. Cookey but achievable, here’s my list:


T to B, L to R: House of Cards Swamp monster tee $99 | SOLES Anthony Kiedis shoes $139 | | Sophie Hulme Duck egg structured leather medium buckle tote $975 | Peter Alexander Brain Cos case $19.95 | Plush Zombie Slippers $24.99 | Mania Mania Theda Choker $390 | Ryder Crustacean Dress $189 | EAT.ME.DO Killer Python Bracelet $55 |

Enjoy the Lusting!


Dear Internets,


I’m on one of those “self imposed shopping ban”s which essentially means I’m saving up or too povvo to buy the things I want to buy. Given that all sounds far too real for me I’m going to stick to my well worded self deception. That being said I’m more than willing to live vicariously through you folk and being how charitable I am, what better way than to recommend some things I’m loving right now.


Anything Ae’lkemi , Jamie Ashkar, Serpent and the Swan & Lauren Damelian (featured in our next post) will have you planning parties just so you have places to wear these gorgeous pieces. While completly different is styling, the beauty of each label is in their shapes and attention to detail, wether it be little black shiny horses on sheer fabric or open backs with perfect drapery. Someone get me to a club opening or red carpet stat!


For your feet, try the mode collective. Home to cute boots, crazy prints and the perfect comfy smoking slipper, pull out that cigar and cravat and lets go! I’ve been wanting those smoking slippers for goodness knows how long now. The heeled version above are cute too don’t you think?


There’s no shopping lust without jewellery is there? While chain necklaces and bracelets have been everywhere lately, It’s important to be picky. The last thing you want to do is look like “Con the fruiterer” with a big gold chain around your neck. Luv AJ do this trend beautifully, with a great selection of colors available at The Dark Horse and if you’re feeling really good about it, grab a matching bracelet…I’m sure you deserve it.


Last but not least, something to frame the face, particularly for those of you who are four eyes like me. Introducing Sneaking Duck an optical brand that makes it easy to get that pesky prescription filled. Best thing is you can try before you buy which is a luxury you don’t often get with online shopping. With a wide variety of glasses and shades, I’m sure you’ll find a shape and size to change up your look this season. If you have one of those wooden watches going around, they have wooden look frame to match. Very cute as you can tell by La petite mademoiselle pictured below sporting the “nerdy” look.


What labels and items have made it onto your lust list?



Dear Internets,

T-Fever def. This one has nothing to do with the need for a constant supply of tea; an affliction that seems to affect individuals during cold weather, particularly related to herbal tea. Can also be applied to coffee. Nope! I refer to the barrage of awesome T shirts and crops that have…well…cropped up everywhere. As the weather warms up on this side of the earth and the joys of layering come into fruition on the other side of the world, we have been bombarded with awesome T”s, just as I was about to throw away a whole heap of mine.

Slogan T”s, Band T”s, and ones with badass prints & images, there”s just no avoiding it. As for my faves, I have 3 clear favorites. The Givenchy Rottweiler Tee, The “Join a wierd trip” Tee & lastly (certainly least expensive) is the NastyGal Hot Kiss Muscle Tee. Have you got the fever & if so, what”s it for?

 ♥ pixelhazard
Has the fever & it has nothing 
to do with Justin Bieber