Dear Internets,


Shoe collaborations have been letting me down lately so I was trying not to be so fool hardy as to get carried away the next time I heard of a new release and then VANS X TOY STORY happen. For adults of my generation it was a pervasive force in our childhood with it’s huge movie debut and subsequent sequels. It put Pixar on the map in my child brain like nothing but that parent & baby lamp cartoon could. While it’s not like Justin Beiber or Harry Potter when it comes to taking over a life, my son wears Buzz Lightyear PJs having never watched the movie. The fandom is real and somewhere in my brain or my heart, a pilot light is still on waiting for this moment.

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Dear Internets,


Your order has been shipped! Have sweeter words ever been written in e-mail format? While the entire universe seem to suddenly be getting around in Adidas superstars, I find myself looking for something different. Ever the sneaker fan, I would get around in kicks all day long if I could, I just wish everyone didn’t hop on the same specific bandwagon at the same time.


Perhaps not wanting the supers because everyone has them is a “reverse 90’s Nike air jordan hipster complex” (In which case I’ll admit it) or perhaps the world needs to find another fun sneaker to fee cute and comfortable in. For that I turned to Reebok‘s collaboration with FACE cosmetics stockholm. Never one to walk away from a beautiful pastel, this little beauty sat in my UO/Glue store (for those playing at home) shopping cart for a very long time.


Finally my “screw it let’s do it!” shopping attitude took over and in a frenzy I pressed the check out button. At $100 they are reasonably priced and there are options for the less pastel appreciating shoppers among you. For me it was always a uneven competition between lilac ice, opal and dessert stone. Now the only thing left is to wait by the door longingly and hide my purchase from the hubby while simultaneously expecting him to notice my new shoes. What this ole thing?




Dear Internets,


There are some misconceptions that are made as you get older. My love for cartoons dissipating is one.I’m a proud cartoon lover even though I may not always own up to it. While I’m waiting on my car to be serviced and an employee comes in profusely apologizing that the remote has gone missing, having notice the Disney channel getting a work out, I probably won’t volunteer the fact that I actually flipped it to this channel using effort and buttons on the back of the screen that the current generation don’t even realize exists.


Having a two year old sort of fuels the fire despite having had just about enough of Thomas and his friends. If you need to know anything about steam trains though, I am probably your girl. Minnie mouse, however, is a little old school for him but the new Vans X Disney collaboration will definitely get that conversation going.



The shoes start at the most adorable tiny toddler sizes ,working their way up. They feature Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, Pluto and Winnie the Pooh – famous enough to just go by their first name, like Madonna or Cher. The high tops are especially rad and a great unisex option.



For the more Disney princess-hearted, there’s Ariel sweatshirts, and princess socks, hats, backpacks tees and high tops though I’ve yet to find the elusive last item. The whimsical perfection is seen in he attention to detail of a hidden mickey in each print. If you ever see me staring down at my Minnie mouse Vans, I’m probably looking for him. Comfortable and true to fit, my slip-ons have been providing a pop of fun as I try and avoid muddy puddles. Combined with my W7 liptember lips from chemist warehouse, kissing away the bad day blues is super easy.



Hit up Platypus shoes, Glue StoreGeneral Pants and many more to wear your heart on your soles, so to speak. AND, if you see those Disney princess shoes, you’ll let me know won’t you?


Who’s your favorite Disney character?



Dear Internets,


Despite living in a perpetually drought stricken country, it’s amazing how many enemies rain has managed to make. An unfortunate skill that was displayed to perfection last long weekend. The culmination of Australia day public holiday and Indian independence day sprinkled generously with big fat rain drops rather than confetti got everyone worked up.


‘How was your long weekend?”
Great except for MONDAY!
“Oh no, what happen?”
remember? it rained!

While many chose to regard that extra day off as snatched from their vice like grip, I put on some sneakers, a jacket, hat and got on with it! What better excuse to do nothing but cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie, read a book, eat wintery foods in summer or in my case, risk a drenching for a brunch out.


Don’t worry, it’s not optimism that leaves me irritatingly immune to the spirit dampening downpour. It is in fact my stubborn refusal to give up an extra day off. During the week, as someone who spends a lot of time outdoors, I have nothing but bad things to say about being forced to wear certain shoes, park in narrow expensive undercover packing lots and incidental drenching. Gladly this can all be done over hot coffee with like minded irritated people. Misery loves company.

Pixelhazard wears:
Hat | Lack of Color | Mirage
Pokemon tee | O’mighty | Beginning Boutique
Necklace | House of baulch
Sneakers | Converse |Batman similar
Jacket | Thrifted and DIY
Pants | H &M