Dear Internets,

7. Australia's first moving catwalk at Broadway Shopping Centre 27 May 2014 at 12.30pm CREDIT Broadway Shopping Centre

My balance is terrible at the best of times so the concept of a moving catwalk screamed fun and potential disaster. Fortunately last Tuesday, it was a far better balanced contingent that graced the escaltors of Broadway Shopping Centre in Sydney. Australia’s first moving catwalk was a resounding success displaying all you could want from this season’s trends and was a resounding succes. The disaster it would seem is the fact that I now have a much bigger wish list and all of it is accessible for purchase from over 20 retailers showcased. It’s days like these that make Christmas seem too far away.

4. Australia's first moving catwalk at Broadway Shopping Centre 27 May 2014 at 12.30pm CREDIT Broadway Shopping Centre

Santa, Can I have everything in the outfits from the right hand side of the top photo including (but not limited to) diamond tears Monster Headphones, that French Connection Tee, the Sheike volcanic skirt and maybe the pink jumper and maroon coat. We wouldn’t want to break up the outfit family, now would we? If you get confused, check out the #BeYou Booth where you can take a closer look at the catwalk featured trends and take some photos. OK THANKS BYE, LOVE YOU!

P.S. A grey overcoat for the hubs would be great too

3. Australia's first moving catwalk at Broadway Shopping Centre 27 May 2014 at 12.30pm CREDIT Broadway Shopping Centre

Do you think Santa will go for it?


Dear Internets,

My birthday is coming up and I’ve decided to avoid the whole “you could have told me that earlier!” scenario by putting up a wishlist. Now I’m at the stuff accumulated stage in my life where I would prefer a hug or a call or even a little cupcake over a token random gift. Lets face it, kidlet is getting to that stage where putting everything in his mouth is really fun so the last thing I need is more stuff to hide, that I won’t be able to see for the next several years. Also, it’s been able 4 years since I’ve had a proper birthday thing so lets do this right. Here’s lucky 13 things I would buy myself if I had a disposable income, greater impulse and no self control.



  1. Stolen girlfriends club grid lock crop top in black $96.00 NZD | Sporty, cute and great for the weather we’re having
  2. T2 Tea Lavender Lullaby $22  | A girls got to get as much sleep as she possibly can and I’m running out of tea which is not good at all.
  3. A smart phone upgrade or some sort. | Noone gets my phone lifeline to the world and quite frankly I’m sick of nothing being compatible with it, including it’s own upgrade
  4. Wacom pen & tablet $149 | I’m a gadget nerd and I’m enjoying getting back in touch with my creative side. Need I say more?
  5. Stolen girlfriends club forgiveness pineapple dress $195 NZD | How cute is this print? I’ll easily settle for the tee or anything else with this pineapple emblazoned on it
  6. HerPony daisy bralet L $35 | White, lacy, cute…how did stupid crazy love put it? “the perfect combination of sexy and cute
  7. La Renaissance Mousse Picasso cake Sz Small $34 | Because whats a birthday without cake, delicious delicious chocolate cake! I love home made and chocolate. Something you can put a candle in without garnering weird stares is a must!
  8. A new laptop | If it has internet and the capacity to operate my editing software, I’ll be happy. My current state of invisible laptop is making things very challenging indeed
  9. Gorman winter harvest dress $269 AUD | The puffy jacket is awesome too. Being one of the few people who look lustfully at the Asian greens at yum cha, it’s perfect match to my “I love vegetables” mantra
  10. Grown Alchemist white tea and phyto peptide cream $69.95 | Tea is good, cream is good. It’s basic face math
  11. Grown Alchemist regenerating night cream $84.95 | With all the mid sleep mummy runs to the crib, it’s about time I started giving my skin a fighting chance again and Grown Alchemist seems like the perfect place to start.
  12. Spurr Hetty OTK boots sz 9 from The Iconic $59.95 | A bargain and I think it might be the go to shoe of my winter dreams. Sportsgirl have an affordable option too
  13. Mimco MIM wallet in blush $149 | Feminine blush tones, card space and zip up coin section is definitely giving my old and withering wallet and run for it’s money (there’s a pun there somewhere)










Dear Internets,



Most people have specific shoes for walking, for casually hanging out with friends and possibly for that moment you really need to instagram something pretty because your life hasn’t been validated with an abundance of red hearts in the last few days. We don’t judge that need for specific categorization because lets face it, consciously or subconsciously, we all do it. Ordinarily there are rational reasons for making these decisions, but not in my case. While I love my teetering high heels, platforms, sneakers and jellies, trainers are a broad spectrum shoe and one that requires deep consideration.

Trainers to me are the quick, comfy and cool option for everything. A trip to the shops, a hike down Europe’s large gorge, even the occasional date night when paired with the right clothes (yes I did hike 16 km down a gorge in converse and my Mr is my height so he gets the height advantage on occasional date nights). Given how essential this footwear is begs the question : What do I choose?

Here are our 5 contenders:billie shoes

Billie shoes: Classic looks and comfortable, Billie has everything you want including a $39.95 price tag. Lesser known than some of its peers, she’s definitely worth a look in and a life time of devotion.



Vans: Vans used to be the slip on I love to hate for no known reason and now I just love to love them. Popular and available in different colors and crazy mixed prints, their specials editions won my heart and for good reason.



Keds: The Canvas mary janes of my shoe collection. Another fun print loving shoe, they probably don’t stalk you like they did in OC days but don’t forget they are there in all their glory.



Converse: Or old faithful as it should be called. Now available in double stack, the classic colors and shape have something about them I love. The testament to which is the vast number of pair that crowd my shoe cupboard. Supremly comfortable, their special editions are usually to die for and always get comments and compliments. A no brainer



Superga: Apparently the people’s shoe of Italy and those curves don’t lie. The great trainer for those of you sick of what your friends are wearing. Love the look and the height of this trainer and with a print that extends all the way down to its soles, I will always be sad I didn’t snap up a House of Holland pair. Endorsed by Alexa Chung, what more positive proof do you need?

Now it’s just about what I want to join my vast collection. Round ups somehow just make things harder.




Dear Internets,

10 Years Sportsgirls Like State of Georgia 1

For years, my visit to the Sportsgirl city stores have resulted in me pouring over their “Sportsgirl Like” collaborations with designers like Leonard St. In celebration of 10 years of Sportsgirl Like designs, 13 exclusive pieces will be on sale until the end of October from the likes of Alpha 60, Life with Bird, Natasha, Romance was Born, Sara Phillips, Elke Kramer, Chip Chop & State of Georgia.



I for one have already got my eye on the Romance Was Born tie dye jumpsuit and State of Georgia cut out dress but if some Sarah Phillips or Elke Kramer were to join the party, lets just say I wouldn”t turn them away. The catch is, these collections will only be available at key Sportsgirls stores ie. Bondi, Booragoon, Bourke St, Chadstone, Chermside, Doncaster, Hay St, Melbourne Central, Parramatta, Pitt St, Queen St, Robina or Rundle Mall. Of course, the early internet capable bird does often catch the worm which is just a complicated way of saying .

collection range

If you happen to be at Pitt St Sportsgirl in Sydney on the 3rd of October, Elke Kramer and Sarah Phillips designers will also be participating in live chats in honor of the launch. While I know the pictures do not really do the clothing justice, have you found a fave?



Diffusion line. It seems to be the buzz phrase lately with everyone getting in on the accessibility train, but sometimes the ratios can be a bit off. Instead of installing a little of your favourite designer into your wardrobe for an affordable price, you are fighting in a frenzy of shoppers for items of clothing you may or may not have otherwise purchased for the retail price : like cordial with just a little too much water in it. Sometimes it’s done brilliantly and I have a feeling this is one of those times.


Phillip Lim is coming to Target on September 15th but sadly, just in Canada & the US. Sadly they don’t ship internationally so my option is buying it highly inflated on eBay. Now might be the right time to ask if anyone wants to make a purchase on my behalf & send it to Australia? The diffusion line is the perfect balance of clean lines, amazing prints and luxury Phillip Lim is known for. The kind I would wait in line for way to early in the morning. The kind that makes designer bag owners in Malaysia irritated because everyone thinks they are carrying an exception market knock off… sure the last line is a bit of a stretch but those of you who have experienced this know what I’m talking about.

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So what do you think? Will a little Lim be coming to a wardrobe near you?