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Anyone who knows me, knows I have fluffy objects attached to anything that can be classified as a bag or carry case. It’s a love I share with friends and family alike so it was no surprise when @lpmmags tagged me in @_cassielam‘s photo of her new Sportsgirl bag charm. My first instinct was akin to a pregnant woman looking lustfully at cake (I can say that cos I am said pregnant woman) “I must buy this now!!“. The surprise reaction that followed closely was a quizzical HUH?!


It had only just dawned on me that Sportsgirl had left my window-shopping rotation. I remember a cute and affordable brand that supported my teen trend zombie self with great affection but lately everything is priced at over $100 without, in my humble opinion, the tailoring or quality to support it. When did it become high street?


Thankfully this instagram ping turned into a treasure hunt and I rekindled the magic of my previous love while staring at the kick-ass-edness of some of their accessories. Those cute pins must simply be mine. Should I pass the wine coloured cord pinafore on offer and deem it to be both made of substantial fabric that can contain my burgeoning bump, it too may find itself on the front counter next to my exhausted credit card. This is what I call nostalgic impulse shopping.


Dear Internets,


Women are constantly teased for taking the longest time to get dressed. I favor whatever shreds of time I can cling on to, to be invested in sleep so for the most part, my daily dress routine takes less than 15 minutes. The key to this used to be investing in pretty dresses that suit my shape and bring the rest of me to the next level. You know, the dress that you just chuck on but always get compliments in?


If you love that dress and it’s slowly being reduced to a over used pilled mess, perhaps the modern minimalist style is for you. What’s more, it gives you options when you suddenly realized you haven’t waxed you legs! Ok so that’s a bit of a strange draw card but I’m still cheering for it. Chilled out vibes, muted colors, monochrome and simple silhouettes means not having to working too much about matching things up and you’ll look damn fine, particularly with that extra beauty sleep.


Drawn in during my last desperate visit to Sportsgirl after an unforeseen shoe collapse, I wanted to buy almost everything in their modern minimalist collection. In fact, if someone where to wipe out my entire work wardrobe and replace it with this collection, I could live life quite happily and looking chic to boot. Barring an unusually selective wormhole popping up in my wardrobe, It looks like will have to stick to key pieces for me like their turtleneck top, pallazzo pants, coats and a lovely pair of tan cut out ankle boots. Witchery are queens at this aesthetic too if you want a few more options or have a larger wardrobe than I do. I pretty much died when I walked in there and saw all the gorgeous grey and cosy coats. Consider yourself warned.



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10 Years Sportsgirls Like State of Georgia 1

For years, my visit to the Sportsgirl city stores have resulted in me pouring over their “Sportsgirl Like” collaborations with designers like Leonard St. In celebration of 10 years of Sportsgirl Like designs, 13 exclusive pieces will be on sale until the end of October from the likes of Alpha 60, Life with Bird, Natasha, Romance was Born, Sara Phillips, Elke Kramer, Chip Chop & State of Georgia.



I for one have already got my eye on the Romance Was Born tie dye jumpsuit and State of Georgia cut out dress but if some Sarah Phillips or Elke Kramer were to join the party, lets just say I wouldn”t turn them away. The catch is, these collections will only be available at key Sportsgirls stores ie. Bondi, Booragoon, Bourke St, Chadstone, Chermside, Doncaster, Hay St, Melbourne Central, Parramatta, Pitt St, Queen St, Robina or Rundle Mall. Of course, the early internet capable bird does often catch the worm which is just a complicated way of saying .

collection range

If you happen to be at Pitt St Sportsgirl in Sydney on the 3rd of October, Elke Kramer and Sarah Phillips designers will also be participating in live chats in honor of the launch. While I know the pictures do not really do the clothing justice, have you found a fave?


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I’m generally one of those people who has to conjure up an outfit the night before to avoid turning up to events 2 hours late, but in some cases that’s just not an option. I think every person has a few things in their wardrobe that can easily be dressed up or down depending on where you’re going.


For me that’s my LBD (Little Black Dress). I managed to buy it from the markets for about $8 and it’s probably one of the smartest purchases I’ve ever made, validated by my mother who remarked “What a good buy, you wear that dress all the time.” The same mother who hesitantly agrees to let me buy things with the deep seeded fear that they will forever remain in my wardrobe with their tag on.


In this instance the cold weather allowed me to pair my dress with an over-sized knit gold jumper and some stockings. Over-sized jumpers are another essential piece for any wardrobe and sometimes simple things like gold glitter interwoven through the fabric make it that much easier to feel less frumpy.


Rings are another favorite of mine; as a teenager in high school I would stack them on both hands but as my taste has changed, so has my approach towards jewellery. I’ve always preferred gold jewellery to silver or rose gold because I simply find it easier to match with my wardrobe and recently i’ve fallen in love with thin wire rings, which is why I felt compelled to buy this Sportsgirl ‘love’ ring. The cube ring was a last minute addition that I purchased for my formal at the end of last year but has obviously come in handy since and red lipstick has always been an absolute favorite of mine.



♥ sarahteaa


Dear Internets,

Sportsgirl has been asking bloggers to tell them a story, here”s mine:

Tell us a story about yourself. A story huh? Well I”m Australian, born overseas with Indian heritage but I can count on one hand the number of people who have guessed that. I love shopping as you can probably tell but a trip is seldom without someone assuming I”m too young to purchase things on my own, or asking me which country I”m from followed by “are you sure?“. I think all this being stopped by inquisitive minds to ask where I got my clothes from, where I was from, and why I thought to put those pant with that top, is a large part of why I started Bright Green Laces.

Tell us your favorite fashion memory. When I was a kid, mum used to wake up up to get dressed for school. Instead, to my mother”s dismay, I would get up, slink to mum and dad”s bed and crash out to the sight of mum picking out her clothes and putting on her earrings. The smell of face cream and make up still reminds me of this time. Soon enough, I”d get woken up again to get into my uniform but every so often mum would be distracted enough for me to pretend I was putting on pretty clothes and getting dressed for a fabulous day of adventure.

Tell us your earliest or most favorite memory of Sportsgirl. That”s easy, they were a maroon pair of skinny cords. I was in high school and never had much money to spend but when I put them on I felt super hawt. At 15 that”s a major deal so after some pleading they came home with me. Every time I wore them, boys would notice. It gave me such a buzz and a little dose of much needed “awkward teen years” self esteem. I was so sad when they ripped but man did I get wear out of them. Worth every penny.

Tell us what’s on your Christmas wishlist this year. I”m such a greedy girl and so easy to buy for. There are a lot of things on my wishlist though my wardrobe can”t handle it! My current designer crush is Jaime Lee Major so when I found out she was doing ready to wear with Sportsgirl, that was a no brainer. I”m also lusting after a pair of cut out boots after falling in love with them recently. A girl never says no to a good black bag and whats an Aussie summer without some denim, shorts and summer tops! Here are a few of my picks:

Tell us which 3 bloggers you’d like to tag to answer the same questions on their blog!
I”d like to see what our upcoming guest bloggers would have to say-
Natalie from Lucy & The runaways : her taste is such a unusual mix of dainty and sweet with daring and crazy rebel.
Nora from Nora Finds: Nora wears vintage on a daily basis that would make the costume director of Pleasantville jealous. Elegance beyond my ability.
Maggie from La Petite Mademoiselle: Maggie too has a bit of a mish mash of fashion alter egos. Let the battle between demure and rock”n”roll begin!

♥ pixelhazard
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