Dear Internets,

We are a little over a week from Autumn and I can’t wait for the cool change to arrive. Normally I love summer but who’s loving 46 degrees Celsius with 2 kids? NOBODY! Autumn in Australia is summer dresses, cardigans and trips to visit my fremeny, the ocean! For now I’m hiding from the freak hail storm indoors, enduring a common cold and watching The Daily Show thinking at least I don’t live in America.

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Dear Internets,


It’s been an up and down kind of day. The kind that’s like a roller coaster you’ve been wanting to go on forever and just as you get to the right height you realise the sheer gravity of it all. Over stuffed with carnival food you get on and nausea sets in but you’ve just got to ride it out and hope you don’t puke. Too exhausted and exasperated to explain much further, here’s my day in a series of words.


Sister’s birthday – big breakfast – shopping -broke- bought stuff anyway – hot – headache – nausea- birthday dinner- pavlova – too much sugar – restless – midnight blogging. I think you get the picture. A thirteen phrase day commands little from your wardrobe but comfort. An old pair of short, adidas originals tee and denim jacket paired with platform boots and a backpack to chuck all my stuff in just seemed to fit the bill.


I mean if you are going to be uncomfortable, you want to be doing it wearing comfortable clothes.


Pixel wears:

Backpack | Colette | Similar
Shorts | Cooper St | Sold out
T | Jeremy Scott x Adidas Originals | Sold Out
Denim Jacket | Thrifted and DIY’d
Boots | Windsor smith | Rainbow


Hello Internets!

Last Tuesday we got to get our hands on the goods from the hotly-anticipated Adidas Originals x Topshop collboration at the Adidas Originals store in Westfield Sydney.  The collection is every bit as pretty in store as it is in the promo pictures.


Throughout the evening, we sipped on Sofi Spritz and Gaymers Cider and munched on goodies from Snag Stand as we perused the array of Ts, sneakers, sweats and tracksuits from the collection.



Reen and I kept things casual while reppin’ Adidas – Reen with her tshirt, and myself with my sneakers.  If we had to pick our favourite items for the collection, it would be the green Venice tank top, the white oversized sweatshirt and the running shorts.  At the time of writing this, the Adidas online store had only ONE of the Venice tanks left.  People are going nuts for this collection!


At the end of the night, we all got to take home a gift card.  I’ve decided to save mine for a rainy day 🙂


The collection is available online and in stores. Get in quick because things are selling out fast!

– Lee


Dear Internets


The comic strips of our childhood have long been lost somewhere under beds or wedged into bookshelves waiting for a day where they might once again reign supreme. After Lichtenstein brought then to our walls decades ago, it”s about time we”ve finally begun to pull some pop art out of our wardrobes instead of the company of dust bunnies.


While for me it started with Phillip Lim back in 2011 and ,  the pop art revolution has slowly evolved and reached those of us with lighter pockets. Since then Beginning Boutique, Sportsgirl and as you can see from my attire, C.O. by Cotton On, just to name a few have joined the list.


When a trend explodes like this, obsession can lead to the dreaded “over doing it”. The key to wearing pop art pieces which are quite capable of speaking for themselves is keeping it simple with basics and block colors. What could be more basic than a black skirt, handbag and shades. Never one to completely wallow in shades, my Japan pink Wittner shoes fit the bill nicely for that extra something. What do you think of the trend that”s been sweeping the world?

Outfit shots by Maggie of La Petite Mademoiselle.
Shades – Mink Pink
Top       – C.O. Cotton On
Belt       – Ten Bells from The Iconic
Skirt     – Asos
Shoes  – Japan by Wittner

♥ PixelHazard


Dear Internets,



Spoilt for choice, spoilt for inspiration and spoilt for killer bakeries, hanging out in Tokyo can spoil anyone. This is something I found out very quickly on my last trip to Japan. Among the racks of fake nails and fake eyelashes hung little plastic dinosaur necklaces and earrings.While at first I thought to myself “when am I ever going to wear a japanese dino necklace and what the hell would I wear it with?“, it seems my irrational brain won out and here we are back in Australia with “Steve the stegosaurus”.

[ Belt – Amour from Sportsgirl | Dinosaur necklace – Claire”s ]

On a day like today when all I want to wear is a basic black crop and high waist jeans, quirky bright plastic jewellery is the perfect low effort way to add a little color and personality to an outfit. Paired with my old acid wash denim jacket and gorgeous Sportsgirl Amour belt, Steve the Japanese Dino got a few strange looks and whisper but he doesn”t mind, he doesn”t understand English after all.


[Wearing: Jacket – Vintage studded acid wash DIY | Crop Top:| Jeans – highwaist black denim | Sneakers – Sketchers ]

♥ PixelHazard