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HAPPY NEW YEAR! Yeah I know I’ve missed that boat a little but in my defense it has been a crazy hospital trip kind of start to the year. All good now and back to blogging. I was going to start this post off with “you know those days when you wake up feeling a little like Catherine Zita Jones from Zorro and Frida Kahlo combined?” and then I saw everyone joking around about the current generation not knowing who Paul McCartney was and thought better of it. To be fair I was taking visual cues from my caterpillar brows so like Frida said “there is nothing worth more than laughter”, so let’s make light and push on.


Presenting : kidlet’s favorite dress. It’s not often a one year old boy has a comment on your wardrobe but this Cocolatte dress is for certain my son’s favorite. The kind I bet he’ll remember when he’s older, like my memories of seeing mum put lipstick on and the 80’s prints on our bed sheets that looked like an infinite number of animals and shapes.


To me it’s a light weight maxi I can comfortably throw on and feel pretty in, while we have this heavy sticky heat. To him its an interesting series of colored shapes in tickly embroidered thread he can trace his fingers around and just be all round fascinated with. Win win situation if I ever saw one. So much so that my 2 cocolatte maxi’s are my current summer faves/obsessions. It doesn’t hurt that I am constantly complimented despite the little effort it takes to fling a dress over my head to achieve this look.



Pixelhazard wears:

Shades | Tomy Hilfiger
Hat | Revival
Bracelet | From Greece
Thongs | Bata India
Maxi | Cocolatte | sold out
Watch | Fossil | similar


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L to R: Sarahteaa & Nusardel of


Summer is technically coming to an end and we’ve had a few colder days but I still seem to be doing the “ouch the pavement is really hot” dance every time I sneakily brave the backyard with no shoes on. Hailing from a country terrified of a tan and growing up in a nation that praises it opens up a world of contradiction until you realize that Australia is also the nation with the highest rate of skin cancer. While I have what some call “a natural tan”, this summer’s sun safe campaign “Pretty Shady” is all over the fact that tanning is not fashionable.



Fortunately for those who aren’t so good at compromise, this summer style is all about maxi dresses, wide brimmed hats and awesome shades. Most day wear make up is available with an included sunblock and sunscreen is even easier and lighter on your skin. You can get involved and spread this important message too by checking out the Pretty Shady website . In celebration of the campaign launch, we had a taste of the Gelato Messina exclusive Pretty Shady ice cream and it was as incredible as the ad campaign you may have seen around. Check it out and get shady.


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Hot days are perfect for the beach and gelato, but not so perfect for my frying hair so today’s post is something of a recipe and remedy. While food is a big part of my life (as you might tell from the occasional instagram) food photography is not a skill I possess but let’s give it a shot.First things first. The recipe.

Lychee, rose and mint gelato.


  • 1.4 kg lychees
  • 150g caster sugar
  • 175ml mineral water
  • 2 tbsp rose water
  • 4-6 chopped mint leaves (depending on how much you love the stuff)


1. Peel and de-seed lychees
2. Blitz in food processor until you get a drink like consistency
3. Put water and sugar on the heat in a non stick saucepan and bring to a boil
4. Once sugar is mostly dissolved, remove from heat and cool
5. Once mixture is cool, use electric beater/processor to combine sugar syrup,rosewater and lychees
6. At this point add the mint (or exclude, depending on your tastebuds) and pop mix into the freezer.

For those with an ice cream maker, go ahead and follow your machine’s instructions. For those without, a slushie/semi-freddo can be achieved by blitzing, freezing and re-blitzing (keeps the ice away). I made mine with a Moulinex Masterchef & Breville Mixer Scraper Pro


While that’s getting ready of if you’ve already gobbled it all up, time to get onto your hair. I am in love with all things original mineral. Their Know Knott is literally preventing me from pulling my hair out, and for that extra moisture and shine Krystal Milk by Alter Ego Italy is on high rotation with the much talked about Keretase. Now that’s taken care of, time to crack open and young coconut and while the balmy day away




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For those of you who have grown up in the 90’s, catching the movie Splash on TV during a boring school holidays or weekend was almost guaranteed. For those of you who don’t remember or had more eventful childhoods, it’s the one with the random coupling of Tom Hanks who finds mermaid Daryl Hannah & [spoiler alert] they fall in love. While I loved the movie as a child, never in my wildest dreams had I considered the fashion implications


With the release of Wildfox’s latest campaign, I had to double take. All my mermaid dreams were sauntering on the beach on sun-bleached locks. Part of it was the relaxed slouchy fit knits lapping at the shores of my credit card. Then I spotted the strategically placed sequin’d seashells & I was sold hook, line and sinker.


I think a part of me has always wanted to be a mermaid, ever since I saw Ariel and flounder exploring the deep sea. Sadly for me his time it was the perfectly cast model Hanalei Reponty finding her legs on the beaches of Mexico. Due to hit in spring 2014, it’s time to run those forks through your hair and get read to shop.

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