Dear Internets,

I am melting. This statement is a few degrees short of switching from figurative to literal so when I went to seek refuge in the air conditioned beverage laden oasis that is the shopping mall, I was shocked to witness winter clothes being brought in as far as the eye can see. My conclusions can be one of these two options:

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Dear Internets,


Women are constantly teased for taking the longest time to get dressed. I favor whatever shreds of time I can cling on to, to be invested in sleep so for the most part, my daily dress routine takes less than 15 minutes. The key to this used to be investing in pretty dresses that suit my shape and bring the rest of me to the next level. You know, the dress that you just chuck on but always get compliments in?


If you love that dress and it’s slowly being reduced to a over used pilled mess, perhaps the modern minimalist style is for you. What’s more, it gives you options when you suddenly realized you haven’t waxed you legs! Ok so that’s a bit of a strange draw card but I’m still cheering for it. Chilled out vibes, muted colors, monochrome and simple silhouettes means not having to working too much about matching things up and you’ll look damn fine, particularly with that extra beauty sleep.


Drawn in during my last desperate visit to Sportsgirl after an unforeseen shoe collapse, I wanted to buy almost everything in their modern minimalist collection. In fact, if someone where to wipe out my entire work wardrobe and replace it with this collection, I could live life quite happily and looking chic to boot. Barring an unusually selective wormhole popping up in my wardrobe, It looks like will have to stick to key pieces for me like their turtleneck top, pallazzo pants, coats and a lovely pair of tan cut out ankle boots. Witchery are queens at this aesthetic too if you want a few more options or have a larger wardrobe than I do. I pretty much died when I walked in there and saw all the gorgeous grey and cosy coats. Consider yourself warned.



Dear Internets,


There are 2 easy and economical way to inject a new trend into your wardrobe. One involves budget disposable no name clothing that can be worn in high rotation and then donated. It does however have a saturation point or you end up with a whole lot of junk in your walk in.  The other is useful when you fall in love with a trend that never leaves you is investing in high quality, easy to include accessories.


Watches, handbags and purses are a great way to incorporate color and print in a way that won’t age.  A known for being a fave when it comes to boyfriend style and large face watches, Michael Kors are really bringing it in the jewelry department too. Our Lee has the delicate Pave heart bracelet to prove it. Now you have your pretty things sorted, the restrained sporty look of their Men’s watches is a great idea for the men in your life who have fraying leather straps and shiny plastic numbers weighing down their wrists.


As the autumn/winter colors come in, my favorite high street handbags have to go to Fossil or Wayne Cooper. The Fossil range pictured above have some faux leather monochromatic pieces you just can’t beat, perfectly sized for every day. Honestly can you find a favorite among them you would hate after one season? Ah to create a complex layered wardrobe that surpasses the cyclical nature of trends! Besides who can have too many watches or handbags….or shoes for that matter?


Dear Internets,


While our everyday clothing brands have been trying to keep up with the isolated Australia with it’s topsy-turvey seasons we always seem on step behind. In a bid to over correct this long standing problem, boohoo.com have come out with a “trend ahead” approach. Clearly the phrase “quit while you’re ahead” is not in the BooHoo vocabulary and if that means I get Monometric daisy prints, match sets and a little Monster Mash, bring it on!


It was difficult to pick between the variety of collections that are being released so Porcelain caters for the sequins lovers amongst us, De Janiero is for those of you you love summer and prints as much as I do and lastly, Mono scope monochrome cuteness with pops of color and for those who like me have been reading Mary Quant’s autobiography.


Now that we’re a trend ahead all we need is to get our Helen Dowsley lashes on and we are ready!



Dear Internets,

It seems everyone has been waiting for winter to slink off to a deep dark cave somewhere and hibernate for at least another 9 months. Spring has been much more ceremoniously welcomed with jubilation and cliche”s like “spring has sprung” being bandied about like it”s the end of the world.

The sun seems to be visiting for longer periods of time and we even had our very first BBQ which is a sign of good things in Australia. I have accordingly decided to dress like a garden in head to toe rose print courtesy of ASOS.com , proving spring doesn”t have to mean a million different colours. In fact I”m on the hunt for an all lilac all the time ensemble right now

[Top & shorts – Asos | Neklace – House of Baulch | Shoes –Sketchers | Jacket – DIY dip dyed]

Uniform coloured outfits are something I”ve quite taken too lately & I plan on rocking this look throughout summer but tell me, what spring things are emerging from your wardrobe or making it”s way onto your credit card statements?

 ♥ pixelhazard
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